Our Machines

We have two Eurocopter AS350 B3s based in Glenorchy. Mostly referred to as Squirrels, B3 Squirrels are renowned for their versatility.

They have the ability to provide luxury passenger services with spacious unparalleled viewing, whilst also being commercial work-horses with capabilities unmatched by any other single engine aircraft in their category.

The Squirrel helicopter has split removable seats providing a large floor area for cargo over and above the external pod and locker capabilities. Our B3s have a lift capacity of up to 1400kg.

Other Machines

We have other machines available at Heliworks Queenstown, our base in Queenstown. We have and additional Eurocopter AS350 B3, two Eurocopter AS350 B2s, a 9-seater BK 117 and a MD500 Notar. 

Please contact us if you are interested in hiring any of our Queenstown based helicopters.