Commercial Helicopter Services

Heli Glenorchy is a family owned business that operates a fleet of modern helicopters based at the head of Lake Wakatipu in the South Island of New Zealand. Our commercial services cover the Central Otago, Otago, Southland and Fiordland regions, and any other location in wider New Zealand.

We offer a safe, high quality commercial service that is easily tailored to meet any client’s needs, utilising our diverse fleet of aircraft and specialist equipment. We also pride ourselves on our vastly experienced team who operate efficiently and effectively – you can find more about our great crew below.

Safety and professionalism are our main priority when providing both our commercial and scenic services. We can assist in planning and finding solutions for your needs while keeping costs down.

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Commercial Services

Heli Glenorchy are an authority in the commercial field.  Our pilots regularly work with long-lines as part of our day to day operations. With our extensive equipment, expertise and competence we specialise in transporting people and cargo to remote locations. Find out more about our services, or contact us if you need a solution that isn't listed below.

Recent Projects

Department of Conservation


We regularly carry out conservation work with DOC staff, including the significant track re-supply events at the beginning and end of each track season. This work includes the removal and installation of major bridges on several of the well-known walking tracks. Other work involves pest control, trapping and trap transportation, urgent people movement, personnel movements, and assisting with avalanche risk assessments.

Chairlift construction


In 2019, NZSki installed a new chairlift at Coronet Peak Ski field. Heli Glenorchy was heavily involved with tower dis-assembly and concreting with the use of our concrete buckets under-slung on hundred-foot long lines. Each load weighed in at around 1150kg with the Pilots running approximately two to four-minute turnarounds from truck to placement. Given the amount of concrete involved, timing and efficiency were crucial in this operation.

Coast Road Rebuild, Kaikoura

2016 - 2018

After the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, Heli Glenorchy played a major role in the Coast Road rebuild. Using underslung buckets, we sluiced the many massive landslides, removed rocks, vegetation and loose dirt.  Additionally, we lifted equipment and personnel to steep, remote sites and laid a 300ft mesh with a hundred-foot long line. During this project, our team and fleet moved approximately 25 million litres of water, with Kaikoura based pilot Russ Harris dropping 15 million litres alone.

Our team

Our Pilots have a considerable knowledge base and vast experience having worked both in New Zealand and overseas locations such as Canada, USA, Alaska, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Fiji and Antarctica. With a combined experience of approximately 30,000 hours, our team has your heavy lifting, precision long lining, firefighting, search and rescue, logging, and mustering jobs covered.

Working from our southern location, our Pilots are very familiar with mountain flying, changeable weather conditions and are always adaptable and reliable.

Additionally, we have the luxury of having our own committed and thorough mobile engineering team. Available anytime, Blair and Luke run a strict and professional engineering regime.

Our well-informed office team comprises local Glenorchy residents with extensive knowledge of helicopter operations and the local area. Our wider team includes our ground crew, marketing and administration.

Being a family-owned business in a rural location, we pride ourselves on supporting our local community and enjoy supporting local events. We embrace the skills that each team member brings into our company, including practicality and adaptability.

Our Machines


Otherwise known as The Raptor

The Raptor is a Dual-Hydraulic Airbus AS350-B3 Squirrel helicopter, an ideal machine for commercial work, firefighting, and carrying large groups of people. With an external lifting capacity of 1400kg, this is one of the most versatile helicopters available in New Zealand.

  • Make/Model: Airbus AS350-B3
  • Empty Weight: 1,359 kg
  • Hook Capacity: 1,400 kg


Aerospatiale AS350-B2  are renowned for their versatility. They are commercial workhorses with capabilities unmatched by any other single-engine aircraft in their category. With removable seats, this machine can provide our commercial clients with a large floor area for cargo over and above the external pod and locker capabilities.

  • Make/Model: Aerospatiale AS350-B2
  • Empty Weight: 1,345 kg
  • Hook Capacity: 1,100kg


Our second Aerospatiale AS350-B2  is the newest addition to our fleet. Like ZK- HGQ, this machine is a commercial workhorse. Thanks to its high hook capacity, three cargo compartments and a side basket, it is well suited for a range of commercial jobs that require heavy lifting and equipment. 

  • Make/Model: Aerospatiale AS350-B2
  • Empty Weight: 1,280 kg
  • Hook Capacity: 1,100kg


Coupled with the added safety of two engines, the AS355F1s speed and range combined with a quiet and roomy cabin, this machine is ideal for commercial filming, surveying and transportation. This machine has both a cargo pod and lockers available for the transport of any equipment required for any task. The front passenger seat passenger is also equipped with push to talk capability, for seamless communication.

  • Make/Model: Aerospatiale AS355F1 Twin
  • Empty Weight: 1,501 kg
  • Hook Capacity: 600kg


Heli Glenorchy is committed to maintaining an efficient, reliable service while providing a healthy, safe workplace environment for all staff and clients. We are a Part 135 operator, working under CAA Air Operating Certificate No. AOC26884. Thanks to our robust Safety Management Systems (SMS), which uses comprehensive risk assessment and stringent health and safety practices, our safety record is impeccable.

Our Management Team and Quality Assurance systems ensure:

  • All Pilots regularly undertake continued training including CRM training, wire avoidance, fire ground training and annual checks to ensure currency in type and continued competency.
  • All staff competencies are annually checked including flight following procedures, emergency procedures and all other relevant procedures.
  • All CAA rules and regulations are strictly adhered to and are reflected within our company Exposition.
  • All clients and contractors are briefed, trained and signed off in accordance with our SMS.
  • Ongoing communication with our aircraft engineering team including the use of online maintenance records and check sheets ensure our helicopters are airworthy and safe.


Heli Glenorchy operates under CAA Part 135 Operating Certificate (AOC. 26884). We have comprehensive Health & Safety Manuals and Liability Insurance documentation available for all of our commercial clients. We are also externally audited every year. Contact us for any documentation requests or a quote.

Please also feel free to contact Nick on 027 288 6973 or the office directly on 027 525 5525 for any commercial requests, or download our Commercial Services profile