Commercial Helicopter Services

Commercial Services

Safety and professionalism are our main priority when providing our services. We assist in planning and finding solutions while retaining cost efficiency to deliver a package that satisfies customer requirements.

Our pilots have a huge knowledge base and vast experience having worked both in New Zealand and locations overseas such as Canada, USA/Alaska, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Fiji and Antarctica. Heli Glenorchy’s six crew have a combined experience of approximately 30,000 flight hours which has included heavy lifting, precision long lining, fire-fighting, search and rescue, logging, mustering and more. Working from our southern location our pilots are very familiar with mountain flying, changeable weather conditions and are always adaptable and reliable.


1 x AS350 B3 (Up to 1,400kg)

1 x AS355 F1 (Up to 800kg)

1 x AS350 B2 (Up to 1,000kg)

EC 120 B (Up to 500kg)

Types of Work Carried Out

  • Precision Placement
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Logging & Tree Removal
  • Fire Fighting (all pilots 3285 qualified + 2 lead)
  • Aerial Surveying & Inspection
  • Farm Support / Frost
  • Filming – Scouting / Lifting / Crew Movements

Equipment Available


  • Certified Longlines – 50ft, 75ft, 100ft, 150ft, 200ft
  • 2 x Remote Hooks – 2000kg lifting capacity
  • Certified Strops and fastenings


  • 2 x 1200 Litre Simplex 1100 Fire Bombing Belly Tanks – self filling suction pumps
  • 2 x 1200 Litre Cloud Burst Fire Buckets – with foam injection
  • 1 x 1200 Litre Red Collaspable Fire Bucket – with foam injection
  • 1 x 1000 Litre Cloud Burst Fire Bucket – with foam injection
  • 1 x 1000 Litre Red Collaspable Fire Bucket – with foam injection
  • CDAX Foam Unit
  • EC120 B Helicopter equipped with front passenger seat radio transmit capability


All Pilots fire ground qualified with  US3285 includes two qualified lead pilots with US14564. Two qualified volunteer rural fire fighters on staff.


  • 1100 Litre JET A1 Fuel Tanker – Trailer
  • 1500 Litre JET A1 Fuel Tanker - Trailer
  • 1950 Litre JET A1 Fuel Tanker – Trailer
  • 6000 Litre JET A1 Fuel Tanker – Truck


  • 4 x Concrete/Gravel Skips – 1000kg capacity, remotely operated
  • 2 Tonne Logging Grapple – tree extraction

Ground Crew

  • DG Certified Ground Crew
  • Mobile Aircraft Engineers
  • 3 x 4WD Support Vehicles

Heli Glenorchy operates under CAA Part 135 Operating Certificate (AOC. 26884), with comprehensive Liability

Insurance, Health & Safety Manuals and are externally audited. Documents available on request.

Contact: Nick Nicholson 027 288 6973 or Office phone 027 525 5525 (24 hours)