We are proud to be an approved Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) approved operator. When the going gets tough, Heli Glenorchy assists FENZ with aerial firefighting suppression and ground crew transport within our local region.

We also boast some of the best firefighting equipment in the country. Our B3 Squirrel helicopters can carry 1,200 litres of water per load, and our AS355 has a front passenger seat transmit capabilities.

We are one of only two companies in New Zealand with under-belly Simplex Fire-Bombing tanks available. These tanks can carry 1,200 litres of water, are foam injected and have the ability to drop using one or two doors. The tanks omit the use of the long line so are a perfect option over built-up and residential areas. Travel time from the water source is faster, and dumping is precise and efficient. The use of the tanks allows us to conduct crew transfers without having to remove buckets or longlines.

Additionally, we operate Cloudburst fire buckets. These buckets are collapsible and can be ferried internally to site. Our Pilots can control the water spread when dumping as well as the ability to spot dump. The Cloudburst buckets are fitted with foam injector units.

All of our Pilots are fire ground qualified with NZQA unit standard training in working safely at vegetation fires. Two of our lead pilots are also NZQA unit standard trained in vegetation fire behaviour. Additionally, we're proud to have two qualified volunteer rural firefighters on staff.

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For fire-related work, we have a range of equipment available, including:

  • 2x 1,200L Fire Bombing Belly Tanks with self-filling suction pumps
  • 2x 1,200L Cloud Burst Fire Buckets with foam injection
  • 1,200L Collapsible Fire Bucket with foam injection
  • 1,000L Cloud Burst Fire Bucket with foam injection
  • 1,000L Collapsible Fire Bucket  with foam injection
  • CDAX Foam Unit
  • Radio capability in the front passenger seat