Crane services


Crane services

Using a helicopter instead of a traditional crane service can cut time and cost from most jobs. Because helicopters are more mobile, they can manoeuvre heavy items from A to B quickly and efficiently. Our highly skilled team have vast experience in heavy lifting in both rural and urban areas. Our heavy lifting, long lining and precision placement services include:

  • Lifting of heavy materials for construction sites such as concrete, gravel and metal
  • Aerial concrete pouring
  • Placement of framing and roofing for construction sites 
  • Transportation of jet boats and cars
  • Placement of residential and commercial spas, water tanks, air conditioning units
  • Precision drill placement
  • Sluicing rock

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All of our helicopters are fitted with hooks, and we have all of the following equipment available to get your job done:

  • Certified longlines (50ft - 200ft size range)
  • 2x remote hooks (up to 1,200kg* lifting capacity)
  • 10x nets
  • Certified strops and fastenings
  • 4x concrete/gravel skips (1,000kg capacity)
  • Pallet lifter
  • Logging grapple>